AutoTeam Approved Parts & Service Centres


AutoTeam Approved Parts & Service Centres provide parts and services for all makes and models, specialising in vehicles with expired warranty and service plans.

All repairs are fully explained and priced to meet your needs. Our Approved Service Centres are fully equipped with dealer level diagnostics and all the latest specialist tools. They offer expert servicing and repairs for any brand of vehicle. Customers can also elect to fit OEM* or reputable aftermarket parts.

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*OEM vs. aftermarket parts explained

OEM. Car Manufacturers, like Ford, Audi and Volvo, do not manufacture all of the parts that go into the manufacture of a vehicle. Car manufacturers will generally make their own body parts, the chassis and major engine components, but outsource the rest to outsourced manufacturers. Regardless of whether the part was manufactured by the car manufacturer or an outsourced manufacturer, the part will come in the original manufacturer packaging and will bear the OEM logo. These parts are known as OE (original equipment), defined as manufactured by the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and sold by OES (original equipment suppliers / dealers).
Aftermarket. These parts are sometimes manufactured by a different manufacturer, and sometimes an aftermarket part is the same as the OEM part, but without the manufacturer packaging and logo. Some aftermarket parts are considered to be performance parts, and sometimes 'cheap alternatives'.

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